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Abadal 15.9 HP (1912)

Abadal 15.9 HP (1912)
4-door 5-seater touring car (tourer) / petrol (gasoline) 4-cylinder 8-valve straight (inline) engine / side valves (flathead - L-block - L-head) / 3620 cm3 / 44.7 kW / manual 3-speed transmission / rear wheel drive / 121 km/h top speed

Basic (general) data
Marque (make) Abadal
Issued from 1912
Model 15.9 HP
Issued until
Serie 15.9 HP
Number made
Model family
Body construction
Model code
Body designation
Manufacturer Abadal
Country ES
Base platform
Number of doors 4
Bodywork type touring car (tourer)
Number of seats 5
Bodywork designer
Cargo capacity (volume)
Passenger space (volume)
Max. cargo capacity (volume)
Dimensions & Weight
Total (curb) weight
Dry weight
Load capacity
Wheelbase 3010 mm
Gross (max.) weight
Track front
Towing weight
Track rear
Weight distribution (front)
Ground clearance
Fuel capacity
Length/wheelbase ratio
Drag coefficient (Cd, Cx, Cw)
Frontal area (A)
Aerodynamic coefficient (Cd×A)
Aerodynamic resistance (Aero horse power) at 100 km/h (62 mph)
Engine Code
Total number of cylinders 4
Engine Type straight (inline)
Total number of valves 8
Engine Manufacturer Abadal
Valves per cylinder 2
Engine construction
Bore 80.0 mm
Fuel petrol (gasoline)
Stroke 180.0 mm
Fuel details
Bore/Stroke ratio 0.44
Fuel supply
Engine displacement 3620 cm3
Engine Main bearings
Unitary capacity 905.00 cm3/cylinder
Cam Design side valves (flathead, L-block, L-head)
Compression ratio
Max. output power 44.7 kW at
Aspiration natural
Max. torque at
Compressor type N/A
Maximum rpm
Intercooler no
Max. net output (power at the wheels) 17.9 kW (est.)
Coolant water
Specific output 12.3 kW/l
Catalytic converter no Specific torque
Transmission type manual
Number of gears 3
Wheel drive rear wheel drive Top gear (drive) ratio
Final gear (drive) ratio
Acceleration 0-50 mph (80 km/h)
Top (maximal) speed 121 km/h
Acceleration 0-60 mph (97 km/h)
Power-to-weight ratio
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
Fuel consumption, City (urban)
Acceleration 0-100 mph (160 km/h)
Fuel consumption, Road (extra-urban)
Acceleration 80-120 km/h (50-70 mph) in top
Fuel consumption, Mixed (combined)
Standing ¼mile time
Fuel consumption, Euro
Standing kilometer time
CO2 emissions
Engine location front
Engine alignment
Steering details    
Turns lock-to-lock
Turning circle
Suspension front
Suspension rear
Wheels front
Wheels rear
Tyres front
Tyres rear
Brakes front
Brakes rear drum
Brake diameter front
Brake diameter rear
Brakes details
Braked area

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